This is the largest recognition event for entrepreneurial Zimbabweans living in South Africa. For 3 years, the Zimbabwe Excellence Awards has shined a rewarding spotlight on the businesses and individuals living in Cape Town. The outstanding community members were nominated each year by the public, and nominees who met the Awards Criteria were voted by the public with one winner in each category. This fourth edition of the Awards Ceremony will feature a complete change and overhaul from the three previous editions as the focus is now on awarding and rewarding Zimbabweans in all of South Africa. We are now breaking the barriers and opening the awards to all the provinces. It is our desire to tell many more of our stories as Zimbabweans Living in South Africa. Nominate the pacesetters in your community.




Male entrepreneur of the year award
Small business of the year award
Female entrepreneur of the year award
Entertainment personality of the year award
DJ of the year award
Community leader of the year award
Artist of the year award
Music group of the year award
Personality of the year award
News leader of the year award
Young upcoming entrepreneur of the year award
Business of the year award

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